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What is SmileStyler?

SmileStyler is an alternative to traditional braces . It allows us to accurately and predictably align your teeth using a series of clear aligners. The clear aligners are virtually invisible to see and extremely comfortable.

Simply put – SmileStyler gives you straight teeth with no braces. It allows you to eat the foods you want, brush and floss as normal, and end up with an amazing smile.

What’s so good?

SmileStyler utilises state-of-the art technology. 3D digital scans are taken of your mouth to create a virtual smile. This allows us to design your smile and visualise the end result before we start.

During the course of the treatment, digital scans are continuously taken to track your progress, and make real-time adjustments along the way to ensure the end result is what we planned for. SmileStyler is premium quality product that is designed and manufactured right here in Australia, and not outsourced overseas.

The Process?

1. Consultation. We discuss your needs and see if you are suitable for SmileStyler. If you are suitable, 3D intra-oral scanner is used to create 3D digital images of your teeth.

2. Design. SmileStyler creates a virtual smile design for you to allow us to visualise the end result before commencing any treatment. It also allows us to personalise your smile design so we can tailor the movements specific to you.

3. Manufacture. SmileStyler manufactures your aligners in their state-of-the-art facilities in Australia.

4. Wear Your Aligners. A series of aligners is issued to you to begin your smile transformation. We will periodically see you to track your movement and make adjustments to ensure your teeth are moving optimally.

5. Smile. After completing all the aligner phases, you are ready to show off your new smile!

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